Monday, December 12, 2011

Climate Science Briefing

If you have time to sit through about an hour of watching a video, Ben Santer’s keynote at the American Geophysical Union Fall 2011 meeting, a tribute to Stephen Schneider in which he explains clearly how we arrive at some of the key conclusions of climate science and why some of the “sceptic” arguments are wrong, is well worth the investment. (Go to the video here if it the embedded version doesn’t play on your web browser.)

Steve Schneider, who died in 2010, was a leader not only in climate science but  in communicating with the public. Shortly before he died, he appeared before a panel of climate “sceptics” on Australian television and politely answered all their questions. No doubt he didn’t win over many of them because they were pretty hard core, but any objective viewer had to be impressed.

You can find more about the video clip in the Ben Santer talk here.

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